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Cala Tempe - Strada Statale 16 Nord n.30, Vasto (Ch) Italia 339 8308449

Making Cala Tempe a completely sustainable tourist destination was one of our priorities from the beginning.
We want to share this achievement with you so that you can help us during this way
and in the same time make you proud about your choose.

Future is now

The circular economy is the only model capable of ensuring a future for our planet.
This model implies the implementation of actions such as sharing, borrowing, reuse, repair, reconditioning and recycling in order to extend the life cycle of products, helping to reduce waste to a minimum and therefore minimize the exploitation of resources natural.

is one of the only 68 accommodations
in Italy
Ecolabel Certificate

The European Ecolabel Certification is a very important tool to help the companies to achieve their goals in the way of sustainability.

It requires a great effort by the company and engaged all its players and processes.

A right choice

From the beginning we wanted to make Cala Tempe a tourist destination really sustainable.

In 2023 we achieved this goal and we were designed as one of the 68 Hotel and Resorts in Italy and 464 in Europe with Ecolabel Certification.

This was a very important result for us and now our guests will be able to be the main protagonists of this virtuous practice.

Our practices
Sharing a journey

During this time we adopted many tools to achieve the right standards of sustainability. Many of them you will can see when you will arrive at Cala Tempe.

Some examples:

1 – We control water and electricity consumption constantly and we use the most modern systems to reduce them

2 – 100% of domestic hot water is produced using photovoltaic energy

3 – 100% of the electricity supply comes from renewable sources

4 – For the rooms cleaning we only use products with EU Ecolabel certification

5 – All our rooms are for no-smokers

6 – The interior furnishings are 80% integrated into the buildings; this allows us to reduce significantly the obsolescence of furnishings and therefore the production of waste

7 – We proceeded with a massive repopulation of the local Mediterranean scrub, planting over 1,000 native species, restoring its biodiversity

8 – Over 70% of the total surface area of Cala Tempe is occupied by greenery; we have reduced waterproof floors to a minimum by also using natural stone (tuff) for the private terraces

9 – We trained all our staff about our environmental policy objectives

Cala Tempe
Strada Statale 16 Nord n.30, (Località Casarza) Vasto (Ch)
Cel.: 339 8308449  / Tel.: 0873 365952  / Email:
P. Iva: 02526640699

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