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Cala Tempe - Strada Statale 16 Nord n.30, Vasto (Ch) Italia 339 8308449

Thank you Cala Tempe! A place deliberately immersed in the nature of the Abruzzo coast; a place where you leave the greyness of everyday life outside the gate and enter an oasis of relaxation with all its wonderful colours.

Extraordinary place; perfect for relaxing in total tranquillity right in front of the sea. Built with passion and attention to detail to make it unique and authentic. Family management that makes you feel among friends, very friendly and welcoming. We will definitely be back!

Peace, silence, sea… You breathe and make peace with yourself. Thank you.

For those who love tranquillity, this is the ideal place. The newly renovated bungalows are tastefully, simply and functionally furnished. Not to mention the private beach you can access. 10 minutes by car you reach the beautiful town of Vasto. I would say EXCELLENT!

Lovely place! Very elegant bungalows just a few steps from the water surrounded by olive, locust and tamarisk trees. Very friendly and helpful owners. A real oasis of peace where you can enjoy the sea and nature. Highly recommended for a truly relaxing time!

There are places you call home even though they are not really home. There are places that stop time. At Cala Tempe this is how one feels. The scent of the sea mingles with that of the rosemary bushes, beauty blends with peace. The owners welcome you as one would welcome a dear friend and are always available for any request. Cala Tempe is a place of kindness and calm, a place where time passes slowly, where thoughts slow down and smiles appear on the faces of the guests you meet. Cala Tempe is a place to discover.

Cala Tempe is to be lulled by the sound of the sea and cicadas, it is to savour the scent of rosemary mixed with saltiness, it is to wake up and be breathless as you watch the sunrise, it is to forget the passing of time, it is to feel pampered, it is to meet kind people, it is to make new friends, it is to find yourself, it is to stop and appreciate small gestures, it is to love.
Goodbye Cala Tempe and thank you for what you have given us and what we will take with us!

Yet there are places like Cala Tempe where time flows differently: placidly and slowly. Yes, Cala Tempe is the eulogy of Slowness. At the centre of everything is the quality and well-being of the guests, who are welcomed and pampered, and for whom there is never a lack of a greeting, a smile… or a fig picked from the tree and offered as a gift. And it is the welcome of the owners and the kindness of the staff that give you a serenity that is accompanied by the scents of the garden and its Mediterranean essences, the blue of a spectacular sea and the pink that belongs as much to the twilight as to the local cherry tree. Time is the only thing we have Seneca wrote to his friend Lucilius, and at Cala Tempe you can regain possession of it, in harmony with nature, between sea, land and an infinite sky.

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